Food retail

Food & beverage retail design

Alhena designs and manufactures food stores, both grocery stores and clubs such as restaurants, bars, cafes.

The retail food in the food stores has precise points of reference in the design that concern the succession of goods in the customer’s path, the presence of specific spaces for storage and storage, the way the products are received. Meal and beverage retailing, such as restaurants and bars, focuses on creating a functional yet highly empathic environment that reflects the style of the target audience.

Trend in food retail design

The design of stores for the sale of food changes quickly according to the trends in the sector, which today is based on a sober urban-chic style that winks at natural elements and reuse.

Great attention is paid to the definition of the accessory spaces, to the kitchen systems, and compliance with the regulations in force for food processing premises, to the rules on the safety of workers, and the accessibility of the spaces by all users.