Retail contractor

Amazing avant-garde showcases

Alhena operates as a retail contractor, that is to say, it is theonly interlocutor in the design of points of sale, in different sectors, from the atelier to franchising, from commercial real estate to the famous consumer brand. After a careful audit and a correct positioning of the values of the brand or customer service, Alhena offers a turnkey path of evident sustainability and a final result of immediate perception for the customer as well as an engaging, emotional force for the end-user.

Retail design

Sales spaces designed for marketing

The experience acquired, a cornerstone of ALHENA’s offer, allows us to combine tradition and market research, creating innovative spaces with advanced marketing and sales concepts, totally aimed at the needs expressed by the client. The Alhena proposal is unique each time, each time perfectly tailored to user requirements.

High quality

We release the client's energies

ALHENA can operate in traditional markets as well as in emerging niches or even “under the radar.” It is at ease with start-ups in the sector as well as in executive and service fittings. It gives a clear imprint to the identity of the stores as well as to the commercial spaces of the large-scale retail trade and hospitality venues, such as gyms, spas, multi-utility, and temporary shops.

Global project


The optimal sales dimension gives shape to the project and defines the furnishing choices, the relational spaces, involves the same presence and movement of the sales staff. In offering this high quality of realization, correctly carried out on time. In the agreed manner, Alhena frees the customer from any procedural “entanglement,” allowing him to focus his energies on his core business.

Thinking from the ground up

Challenging the times

Alhena’s logistics is a decidedly expert “turnkey” site and set-up logistics, involving every technical (from survey to executive design), administrative (from work permits to paperwork at the relevant bodies), logistical (from delivery management to the organization of companies working directly for the customer).