We are a general contractor

Alhena policy: our key values

Alhena offers a highly qualified, complete, and flexible service, thanks to precise company policy choices. Sustainability and safety, organization, and services make Alhena a reliable partner in all delicate areas of the turnkey construction project.
We firmly believe that a job well done and safe is an economic value for our customers. Safety and sustainability improve the progress and quality of the work, positively influence the final result and enhance the brand’s reputation as a value in itself.


Organization and plus

In Alhena, “How we work” is just as important as “What we do.” The capillary organized and programmed way in which we carry out each phase of the work is possible thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of our staff and allows us to carry out our mission of an impeccable turnkey service fully.

Inspections and surveys at the site of intervention allow us to identify the optimal solutions necessary for the creation of space functional to the specific needs of the customer.

Structural analysis and subsequent photographic surveys are the basis for defining the guidelines of the executive project, elaborated by expert technicians, and drafted in full respect of the institutional format of each client.

The executive project is crystallized in a technical specification of immediate comprehension accompanied by all the documentation necessary to ensure, in economic terms, adequate planning and rationalization of the work to be carried out. It is the basis for the subsequent execution of the work.

We harmonize the managerial, technical, and operational aspects. We keep together time and budget, quality and aesthetics of the works, respect for every regulatory aspect.

Safety at work

Safe construction sites and smoother operations

We have chosen to adopt an unusually strict attitude towards safety in the workplace on construction sites, preparing the spaces in the best possible way and intervening in a propaedeutic and decisive manner in situations of apparent operational danger.

Environmental sustainability

Precise impact reduction practices

We have consolidated specific company procedures and practices aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of our work and construction sites.

  • We carry out a reduction in the use of paper through the use of digital tools and channels, both in communications and in the presentation of documentation.
  • We manage the reduction of material waste on-site.
  • We apply a minimum use of packaging for transported goods.
  • We correct the sorting of waste for disposal.
  • The products are chosen and used to aim at reducing energy losses or airborne materials (paint and glue vapors) to protect operators and users.

Economic sustainability

Custom solutions at the best price

At the heart of our work is the tension to always find the best solution at the most sustainable cost for the client company. In this process, market competitiveness also depends on professional credibility. The best price comes from theglobal evaluation of costs, in which implementation, timing, and repercussions on other business functions are involved.

Legality rating AGCM

Ethics and transparency

To confirm the quality offered by Alhena Service and to promote the introduction of ethical principles in behavior inside and outside the company, on 5 May 2015 a star rating was obtained. To obtain the score, the company must declare a series of requirements, including the extraneousness of the entrepreneur, other relevant persons in the company, or the company itself to tax offenses, mafia, commission, administrative offenses.


Recognized quality and solidity
Alhena achieved the Certification CQOP SOA OGI 1- V CLASSIFICA and certification of compliance to ISO 9001:2015 standard

Certificato n. IT22-16401A