A multidisciplinary team

We always start with people

Architects and design engineers specialized in construction and large-scale retail trade, construction site technicians, logistics operators and administrators with many years of experience. Alhena’s team is a young team, capable of dynamism and flexibility, operating in the field under a direction of great, long and specific experience in construction, store construction and retail design.
The internal team is flanked by on-site workers selected from among the best expressions of Italian craftsmanship in the construction and plant engineering sectors. All suppliers of materials, from finishes to furniture, are at the forefront in terms of quality and reliability. Around Alhena, a network of highly qualified professionals has been established, linked to Alhena in a stable and lasting way.

The staff

Sales Manager - Project Manager


“With Alhena every day is always a new challenge and also a new adventure.”

Site Manager


“When you’re surrounded by good professionals, solving problems on site is everyday currency.”



“To confront reality in Italy and the rest of Europe is a continuous opportunity for growth.”



“After 20 years, I feel proud of a young team which is prepared and always looking for new paths.”



“We aim to become reliable Partners over time.”

Site Manager


“Security and punctuality are definitely among the strengths of Alhena.”