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Alhena is an Italian company operating as a general contractor in the retail sector, throughout Europe, with a broad and significant portfolio. Active skills, extensive experience, and widespread presence in the Retail sector, Alhena designs and manufactures stores, shops, retail spaces, with the “turnkey” formula. The Construction division, both industrial and residential, is capable of luxury and wide-ranging projects that benefit from all-round technical and managerial expertise.

Guaranteed project. Alhena is a single point of contact throughout the entire construction process. We take charge of the site as a whole, from design to delivery. We manage the orders, the budget, the suppliers, the bureaucracy. We guarantee an after-sale maintenance lift to the height. And we answer personally to the Customer who benefits from real values: rationalization of procedures, the certainty of time, cost control, scrupulous attention to safety, and protection of the site.


Always one step ahead. Alhena is composed of a young team led by established management. Alhena’s expertise ranges from architectural design to plant engineering, from financial and bureaucratic administration to site management. This allows custom solutions for complex needs, effective and timely management of the unexpected, vision of long-term goals.




Trendy stores for the future of retail. Alhena’s store design is always a complete and marketing-oriented process that integrates architecture and store planning, technological systems and finishes, accessories, and furnishings in a practical way. Shopfitting in line with the latest trends in retail marketing and customer experience, Alhena studies innovative structural solutions and sustainable plant engineering projects.

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Case history

A reliable partner of international brands in the retail sector, Alhena has over 300 points of sale for 21 brands. Our customers include brands from the leading retail, food, and non-food sectors, including fashion, cosmetics, home design, large-scale retail, travel, and hotel chains.



Real Estate to market proof. Alhena operates in the construction industry as a general contractor of residential, industrial, or commercial sites. Alhena’s many skills allow a truly global vision of the site, from the project to the sale, from the economic sustainability needs of the client to the functional needs of the target audience, with punctual respect for deadlines and rapid solution of critical issues.



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