Alhena and beauty retail, shopfitting for marionnaud

The Marionnaud brand bases its mission on precise values of “democratic” and personal beauty. Marionnaud shops are spaces for the experience of beauty, where everyone can cultivate their appearance according to their style and character. Present in 11 countries in Europe and with 1200 stores, Marionnaud is one of the main protagonists of beauty retail. Alhena has been a general retail contractor for Marionnaud in Italy and France since 2017, with 9 stores to its credit and works on a total of 1200 m2 of retail space.

Beyond the sale, multifunction spaces

In Marionnaud stores, the display and sale of cosmetic products are integrated with a contemporary concept of the shopping experience. Marionnaud employs make-up artists, skin care specialists and beauty consultants, events, training, and personalized make-up sessions. The store design, therefore, requires a specific optimization of space in line with the concept required by the client and, at the same time, with the agreements that Marionnaud, in turn, establishes with the brands marketed.


Marionnaud requirements

Marionnaud’s objectives have an impact on the management of the site, which requires strict management of space and time.

  • Each set-up must be carried out in a short time in combination with the work and the workers.
  • Continuous design comparisons are foreseen for the capillary fine-tuning of the layout.
  • Foster care is particularly challenging. It was with the invitation to a tender that Alhena was selected in the French supplier pool and now competes on the Italian one.
  • Alhena is entrusted with the full management of technical-administrative practices. The establishment of a pool of Alhena professionals in both Italy and France has allowed Alhena to respect the regulatory complexities of the two territories fully.

Highlights. Challenges and technical solutions

The “Marionnaud” stores live in different real estate contexts, from the shopping center to the store in the city center. Alhena had to interpret different areas and types of intervention, from the restyling of an existing store to the new store. The range of works carried out is complete: construction, plant engineering, lighting, interior design; the technical advice required both in Italy and France to combine functional, aesthetic, and budget objectives is punctual.

Marionnaud Italy

  • FOLLONICA The design involved us in verifying and finding technical solutions to reduce the surface area of the store with the same optimization of space, intending to operate in a situation of fire prevention more favorable and less onerous in terms of works and costs.
  • MILANO Corso XXII Marzo. The Client’s need was to renovate the store, characterized by a very narrow and long plan, to give it back a focal point from the street that would attract the attention of passers-by on the Corso. We have intervened with the study and development of new furnishing elements capable of giving a new perspective to spaces.

Marionnaud France

After the acquisition of several perfumery brands, the French chain has incorporated an essential real estate park to be reorganized and made more productive and strategic, reducing the risk of “cannibalizing” and making some historical locations more attractive.

Our collaboration was born precisely in the function of this strategic reconsideration of the points of sale: many technical inspections were useful to identify the best technical solutions to be used in the interventions according to the necessary costs and productivity of the individual points of sale.

An important nucleus of the work concerned the concept to standardize the majority of points of sale according to the focal point identified as “Active Beauty”: a natural line of cosmetics that was recalled in the chromatic and material details used for this space of the sales area.