Retail design and shopfitting

Store design for the customer experience

Alhena designs and furnishes single-brand and multi-brand stores in different commercial areas, from a retail chain store to a flagship store, in shopping centers, or urban contexts such as the historic centers of big cities.
Alhena takes full responsibility for the project and implementation, from the entrance to the raw premises to the opening of the store. Store construction and shopfitting have the objective of creating spaces oriented towards marketing and sales, where products are displayed and enhanced following their specific merchandise and in close relation to the habits and expectations of the target audience.

Point of sale design

Brand identity at the center

Brand identity at the center. Every single detail of a new store or the restyling of a store is carefully studied. Alhena projects respond vigorously and thoroughly to the concept and layout defined by the customer, and faithfully reproduce the overall brand identity, respecting the sales style. In this way, Alhena’s being a general contractor is for loyal customer investment in productivity and reduction of costs and time in the long term: streamlined communications, operation without uncertainties, strict adherence to deadlines, maximization of budget yield.

Store Construction

Global vision, step by step process.

In the construction of a shop, there are many disciplines and as many skills that Alhena can fully express: architecture, building, and plant engineering, interior design, graphic design, ergonomics, marketing. This allows us to approach the project globally and to harmonize each construction phase concerning the final objective, the budget, the set time.

From enclosure to services. Architecture, store planning, installations.

Store construction is, first of all, a rationalization and compartmentalization of spaces to create functional areas linked by marketing-oriented paths, where each element is related to the others.

Entrances, exhibition areas, information and entertainment spaces, interaction areas, openings, and partitions… everything contributes to creating a fluid circulation towards exploration, choice, and purchase. Decisive are the phases of the creation of the layout and the structures that define it.

Advanced heating and air conditioning systems have a binary value. Efficiency, savings, economic, and environmental sustainability for the customer, comfort, and well-being for the customer. Also, in this case, Alhena’s expertise lies in its ability to identify custom solutions, also due to the architectural specifications of the spaces.