Alhena's experience in fashion retail. The jules brand

Jules SAS is a long-standing customer of Alhena. The 8,410 square meters of stores built up to the end of 2019 would be enough to demonstrate the duration of the link with the brand and its importance. But to qualify this part of the portfolio, there is also the consideration that they are essential showcases, stores in prestigious places of shopping, in very famous Italian and French locations. Of all these stores, 13 are under Jules brand, 11 under the Briceb rand, 3 under the Happychic brand, and the same number under the Bizzbee brand.

A store, a story. Jules in Cannes.

In the heart of Cannes, in the shopping street par excellence, Rue d’Antibes, just a stone’s throw from the Croisette and the Palais des Festivals, you’ll find created Jules’s shop windows created by Alhena. Simple teaching, white and essential shop window frames, Jules proposes a men’s fashion of significant effect, young and exuberant, in step with the times.

We have chosen to describe this store in case histories, because it represents Alhena as a general contractor in the retail market. It is also the building site that inaugurated Alhena’s presence in France and consolidated the relationship of trust with Jules, whose Italian stores Alhena had been building since 2008. It was the summer of 2011 when Jules acquired a historic building in Cannes consisting of 4 floors above ground and a basement.

The Customer’s need is to substantially modify the internal volumes, to adapt the premises to his idea of layout and create one of the leading “flagship stores” of the chain in the South of France.

As with the other previous yards in France, Jules had the intention to move independently, with its industrial structure. This time, however, the criticalities and problems identified by the technicians themselves put Alhena in the field, called to propose a specific and compatible solution in a short time. In just two months, at the end of October 2011, the first structural project was presented to Jules. In March 2012, Jules opened the Cannes store.



The intervention of Alhena provided:

  • The demolition and removal of a floor and structural consolidation of the building.
  • The realization of a steel mezzanine and anti-seismic building, characterized by a central “vacuum.” Inside this building design, suspension lamps have been installed.
  • The construction of a steel and glass staircase, which connects the four floors above the ground of the building.
  • The realization of a “verrière” on the ground floor: an entire “room” made of aluminum and shatterproof/hail proof glass.
  • The refurbishment of all systems, including air conditioning.

Work to the rhythm of Alhena

  • Alhena’s service is complete and includes inspections, surveys, administrative procedures, requests for permits (for example, to the Fine Arts Agency because of the present landscape constraint).
  • All the works are carried out in a workmanlike manner and rapid succession – sometimes with the presence of different workers – between the end of 2011 and March 2012: masonry, structures, flooring, plasters, furniture, finishes…
  • It turns out that the building was subject to dense water infiltration into the basement due to its proximity to the sea and underground conditions. Since the traditional waterproofing of walls against the ground is not effective in this case, an open construction site solution is found: a system of automatically activated submersible pumps that in 2015 will allow the store to significantly reduce the damage caused to the entire town of Cannes by the devastating flood in October of that year.
  • Everything closes in the best possible way and with the inauguration on schedule.

Alhena and Jules: retail after Cannes

Over 400 square meters of Cannes, in the following years, is followed by another 8,000 square meters on behalf of the same French customer, from Monaco to Clermont Ferrand, from Nice to St. Etienne, in all 29 other stores.