Know-how that makes the difference

General contractor.
What's inside?

As a general contractor, Alhena replaces the client in every respect, both in the real estate construction and retail design sectors.

The acts and technical documents charged to alhena include precise survey, executive design, elaboration of the “as built” at the end of the works. We also take care of the technical-administrative practices for the execution of the works and to ensure the usability of the space to be built; all – of course – in accordance with the relevant regulations in force.

We carry out all the necessary works for the construction of shops and commercial spaces, residential, civil, industrial or receptive buildings: from civil and plant engineering works to the production and installation of customized furnishing elements.

Experienced and specialised technicians ensure adequate and effective control of the timing, progress and quality of the work.

The administrative office is in charge of obtaining work permits, managing contacts with properties, clients and shopping centre pilots, presenting the files to the relevant municipalities, applying for permits for occupation of public land and/or access to pedestrian areas, etc.

The logistic activities include the organization and management of the deliveries of the Customer’s direct suppliers, the organization of the Companies working directly for the Customer, including the possible formulation of disputes and/or reservations on their accounts.

An accurate assistance service is provided by our technical-administrative staff, as well as by emergency teams distributed throughout the national territory.

The alhena skills

Multicompetence, knowledge and know-how

Alhena’s expertise spans the entire horizon of building and store construction, from architectural design to plant engineering, from tax and administrative management to interior design.

Solid space analysis and advanced design that takes into account the multiple factors of the environmental, social, sales and marketing context.

At the heart of our expertise, our experience in construction and real estate allows us to confidently deal with the most complex construction situations and to promptly resolve unforeseen problems during the work in progress.

All the most innovative plant engineering knowledge, the best technological solutions for energy saving and plant efficiency.

The scouting of trends in the sector is based on a solid base of knowledge and experience of interior design, is always functional to the needs of the retail market in constant transformation and the correct interpretation of the layout wanted by the brand.

Consolidated financial management procedures: purchases, supplies and services under control, strict compliance with the budget. Deep knowledge of administrative and bureaucratic practices. Punctual management of workflows and the alternation or co-presence of workers. Strict respect of the chronoprogram defined in the design phase.