Contractor in Construction

Real estate development & building management

Being a “general contractor” in residential, commercial, or industrial construction, acting as the only interlocutor for the client, is for Alhena a great objective responsibility, which is fully reflected in the skills offered. Alhena offers precise skills and abilities in the fields of architecture, engineering, plant engineering, design.  Alhena’s turnkey construction can come to terms with reality, for a real estate full of opportunities and evident sustainability.


Live strong the real estate heart

Alhena’s lengthy practices in every context, from residential to commercial construction, make it possible to offer a service that genuinely lives up to all expectations.
No less important is the overall view of uses, real estate marketing opportunities, and potential alternative solutions, which enable the client to meet the expectations of potential buyers. The properties built by Alhena demonstrate their value: perfectly dimensioned and structured, energy-efficient, innovative technological solutions, carefully realized, they are a safe investment.

Turnkey constructions

Multidisciplinary experience, comprehensive services

The experience acquired, the cornerstone of ALHENA’s offer, allows to combine tradition and skillful research of technologies and materials, giving life to an innovative real estate project, which knows how to connect the needs of the customer with the target public, who can identify and solve the most problematic issues through a plurality of skills. From the management of technical-administrative procedures to building and plant construction, from site management to maintenance and after-sale services.

Total takeover

Challenge of time and site charges

The preliminary project, shared and approved by the client, becomes executive, and becomes a certainty. The “mastery” of the yard is our hallmark. ALHENA directly follows its construction sites, never giving up this delicate phase to third parties, assuming all the burdens and responsibilities, including safety. The ALHENA construction site is an excellent atelier of professionalism, order, and timing.


Everything is planned, including unforeseen events

With the progress of the work, you can experience the ALHENA idea of the shipyard perfect real decisive point of a “general contractor” offer. Thanks to ALHENA’s live presence, everything is logically programmed: from an accurate “just-in-time” delivery of materials to the succession of construction steps. The quality of ALHENA’s service is based on a precise evaluation of suppliers’ installation times and related problems, with particular attention to the forecasting and rapid solution of critical and unforeseen issues.