New retail orders for Alhena

Alhena a Euroshop 2020

Alhena’s portfolio is enriched by two important contracts at the beginning of 2020. Two brands, historic clients of Alhena in the retail sector, open or renew their stores in large Italian shopping centres. These are Maisons su Monde, for which Alhena is one of the main interlocutors in Italy. And Jules, of which Alhena has created numerous stores in Italy and France.

Another space Maisons du Monde

The new large shopping centre “Laurentino”, in Rome, will host the new Italian point of sale of the most famous French home decor brand. The shopping centre will open in spring 2020 and is one of the most important investments in the sector in Italy. Well served by the ring road, it will address an important catchment area, with its dozens of shops, restaurants and services spread over more than 60,000 square meters. The mall is a candidate to become an example of a contemporary commercial space where shopping, fitness, entertainment meet favourably.
The construction of the Maisons du Monde store was assigned to Alhena. Within the standard concept of the sign, this store is characterized by the large spaces and the distribution of the surface on two floors, directly overlooking the outdoor square together with other leading brands. The difference in height will be filled by escalators , elevators and pedestrian staircases in “Maisons du Monde” style that will catch the eye of even the distracted passerby, being highly visible, directly on the outside.  The ceiling will also be characteristic because it will be studded with special lighting.

The restyling of the Jules store

The clothing brand Jules designs a new design for the store inside the Le Brentelle Shopping Centre in Sarmeola di Rubano in the province of Padua. The shopping centre boasts over 60 shops, a hypermarket, many services and a wide range of clothing brands.
Jules has also entrusted this restyling to Alhena’s turnkey store design service. Following the innovative spirit of the mall’s owner, who has just completed the restyling of the common areas, Jules decides to open its front to make the interior space more visible and permeable to visitors. Jules implements its brand new concept, present in a single creation in France, by choosing to combine elegance and Urban Style spirit , thus reflecting the selection of clothing for sale.


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