Beauty stores

Alhena designs and manufactures shops for the sale of beauty products, on which she has gained extensive experience. We work, for example, in Marionnaud stores in Italy and France and have worked for brands like Lush and D.M. Drogerie Markt. The contemporary beautystore aims to fully involve the public through in-store experiences such as make-up […]

Home decor

Alhena creates plans, systems, and furnishings for home decor shops according to the most contemporary concepts. Among Alhena’s customers, Maisons du Monde is the winning example of a strong footprint in the layout that makes the brand recognizable in every context. A relationship of trust, the one between Alhena and Maisons du Monde, which has […]

Travel retail

Travel retail represents a strong market opportunity. In the commercial areas of airports and train stations, the target group is tourists and businessmen. For tourists, in particular, the purchase is aimed at luxury goods, products related to the territory, and so-called gifts, while a whole other section is about service goods, which are useful for […]

Fashion retail

Alhena is specialized in the construction of stores of major international clothing brands. We have designed and built dozens of fashion stores, including the brands Bizzbee, Brice, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Jacadi, Jules, Mariella Burani, Okaidi, Pimkie, Un Jour Ailleurs. The design of a clothing store aims to make the most of both the garments and […]

Food retail

Alhena designs and manufactures food stores, both grocery stores and clubs such as restaurants, bars, cafes. The retail food in the food stores has precise points of reference in the design that concern the succession of goods in the customer’s path, the presence of specific spaces for storage and storage, the way the products are […]


We design with the turnkey formula all the spaces of the accommodation facilities, from the common ones to the rooms, according to the most rigorous standards of comfort, safety, and functionality. Hotels today qualify for the completeness and quality of the services offered, as well as for a precise identity of style that must reflect […]

Sporting goods

Sports exercise is an increasingly important part of everyone’s life. Attention to physical well-being and health leads many categories of people of all ages to regularly practice physical activity at a level that is not only amateurish. This is how sporting goods storesof a different nature were born: from the hyper-specialized store in professional sports […]