Beauty stores

Design and shopfitting for beauty store

Alhena designs and manufactures shops for the sale of beauty products, on which she has gained extensive experience. We work, for example, in Marionnaud stores in Italy and France and have worked for brands like Lush and D.M. Drogerie Markt.
The contemporary beautystore aims to fully involve the public through in-store experiences such as make-up and skincare consulting and social events related to online communication.

Beauty retail features

In the construction of a beauty store, the immediate identification of the brand is the primary concern, thanks to a careful study of the colors and design of the concept. The definition of the spaces inside the physical store takes into account the mixed nature of the services, as well as the sale: from the corner dedicated to assisted make-up to the free choice of products according to one’s taste. Whether the selection of merchandise is diversified or in the case of single-brand stores, the furnishings are designed to be easily identified and recognized in association with the brand itself.