Travel retail

Travel retail design in airports and stations

Travel retail represents a strong market opportunity. In the commercial areas of airports and train stations, the target group is tourists and businessmen. For tourists, in particular, the purchase is aimed at luxury goods, products related to the territory, and so-called gifts, while a whole other section is about service goods, which are useful for the journey itself. Precisely because of the type of customer, the products are selected to attract passersby and facilitate a quick purchase.

Travel retail requirements

The main feature of the travel store is that it must exclude any barrier between the goods and the buyer in transit along the passageways that branch off inside airports and stations. The kind of merchandise is distributed according to the purchase method, functional or impulse, of the hasty user that characterizes these commercial spaces.

From a construction point of view, the travel retail yards present particular critical points. At the airport, we operate in sensitive areas for which it is necessary to have carried out precise training courses that enable the appropriate passes. Logistics operations must be organized in full compliance with internal regulations at airports and stations. The choice of the contractor, therefore, also depends on these requirements, which are only possible in companies that are structured and experienced in the construction of points of sale within airports and stations.