Fashion retail

Fashion retail design

Alhena is specialized in the construction of stores of major international clothing brands. We have designed and built dozens of fashion stores, including the brands Bizzbee, Brice, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Jacadi, Jules, Mariella Burani, Okaidi, Pimkie, Un Jour Ailleurs.
The design of a clothing store aims to make the most of both the garments and the brand that produces them. Behind a brand, there is a whole world of style and values to bring out. Fundamental then is the concept of the space and the perfect coherence with which its in-store communication takes shape. Alhena’s know-how allows the full interpretation of the layout established by the customer.
On a functional level, even in the fashion retail sector, digital disruption has emerged. More and more frequent are technologically advanced settings of the store where there are tools for mixing practical information and real experience.

Retail trends in fashion

Today, the design of the physical store for fashion provides a minimalist solutionin terms of environments. Visible materials and systems enhance the value of the merchandise elements, sometimes displayed in small numbers and purely illustrative. The use of focus elements, created by special installations (thanks to the development of lighting and electronics technologies), aimed at capturing the distracted gaze of the passerby, is a trend.