Home decor

Shop design in the home decor retail sector

Alhena creates plans, systems, and furnishings for home decor shops according to the most contemporary concepts. Among Alhena’s customers, Maisons du Monde is the winning example of a strong footprint in the layout that makes the brand recognizable in every context.
A relationship of trust, the one between Alhena and Maisons du Monde, which has grown over the years thanks to the constant rigorous attention to the implementation aspects. Care of the merchandise display, the exaltation of the value characteristics of the brand, definition of the elements that allow identification with the target, ability to make the shopping experience enjoyable: these are the elements of a practical design project for furniture and home furnishing stores.

Design trends of home decor stores

The sales space is reduced by taking the furniture stores to smaller areas, exploiting omnichannel marketing to serve the customer also inside the store. Instead of spaces for significant furnishing elements, there are now consulting corners, equipped with the latest generation of technological systems at the service of operators and the end-user (or buyer).