Maisons du Monde San Rocco al Porto

Maisons du Monde San Rocco al Porto

San Rocco al Porto

Alhena Service not only general contractor, but pilotage of all companies involved.
When a customer wants to try new ways, he usually relies on partners with whom the relationship is such that he can safely make demands that are less aligned to the usual standard.

In this operation, Maisons du Monde involved Alhena in the design, organization and selection of the teams to be entrusted with the site works while maintaining the fundamental element of cohesion within it: management, coordination of the entire operation, with the awareness on the part of Maisons du Monde that Alhena would be able to play this role effectively, here as elsewhere.

Andrea, the Alhena project manager, was thus able to spend all of his organizational skills within this experience, where the deadlines imposed by the owner and the technical team of the shopping center risked slowing down every decision and every preliminary realization.
The shop must open as soon as possible: an entire shop window to be designed ex novo after the construction site has already started, in full compliance with energy saving and earthquake resistance regulations. Very busy and exhausting negotiating days are starting, while the fire prevention project is expected to be approved in the hope of minimizing the costs of any adjustment.

Tensions were not lacking, but the wise resolving attitude of Alhena’s technicians was able to manage this site in the best possible way, allowing to move in the minimum time necessary.